Monday, October 21, 2013

Arrival of newest family member

Nama dia Umar...ehehe. It's been 2 weeks plus since the speedy (no joke...) arrival of our first boy on 6th Oct. How speedy? The estimated delivery date was 9th Oct. So Umar arrived 3 days early. Hayaa was 2 weeks late and Huda was 1 and a half weeks late. I thought this one would arrive late as well. Wrong !
On Sunday 6th, manageable contractions were already occurring every hour, it started around 10am (early labor). Water broke around 4pm followed by excruciating labor pain. Emmm..we were at home eheh eheh (lame laugh..). Hubby rushed to car with the hospital bag and I could only grab my tudung, wearing kaftan. Tak larat tukar baju dah pun. The amniotic fluid kept gushing out.
By the time I got into the car, hubby glanced at the time, it was 412pm. I did not know what time we arrived to the hospital. I managed to gasped to hubby to go straight to Emergency, could not walk anymore. The urge to push was already there...Tuhan je tau betapa seksanya nak menahan the urge to meneran in the car. And hubby pegi langgar je bumper2 jalan, panik nye pasal, lagiiii la rasa macam nak terkeluaq.
From emergency, they transferred me to Labor room. I was already at 10cm opening. Sapa tah hulur the mouthpiece for the laughing gas (Entonox) which I gladly took. Dr Siti kebetulan was visiting her mom somewhere nearby and arrived just in time for the delivery - staff nurse dah standby to do the delivery herself if the Doc did not arrive in time. 5.04pm Umar arrived. Speedy huh? Hubby managed to call MIL and my mom during the panicky drive and imagined their surprised receiving another call soon after about the delivery.
Byk nye pink - hand me down from kakak2 dia
Ini lah gara2 tak nak kena induce and prevent episiotomy. I decided to wait out at home until the 'golden rule contraction' - contraction every 5 minutes, lasts for 1 minute, for duration of 1 hour - which I did not experience. Mine was like 3-4 contractions in 15 mins then nothing for 45 mins, happened from 10am to 3pm. Tak sangka la pulak after air ketuban pecah tu at 4pm, active labornye sekejap sangat. Welll...I got what I wished for, was not induced and no epi/ tearing weeheehee.
Now, recovery was definitely faster compared to Hayaa's and Huda's time. I'm not on crutches since mid last week although once in a while the pain in the pelvic surfaced if I walk too fast or sit/ lie down asymmetrically. Still going through the sleepless night uhuhhuuhu..tabaahh.

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