Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Present for Teacher's Day

I feel bad buying a present just for Hayaa's class teacher. Tapi jenuh la pulak nak beli kat sumer cikgu2 dia. Dah la we could not dig out complete & proper teacher's list out of her. So, satu hadiah for cikgu kelas je laaaa..
I bought this one plaque for quite some time, bought it at a gift shop in KLCC. It's made from plaster of paris with 'Teachers make little thing counts' embossed on it. Had the RIBBA IKEA wall frame even longer (tak pakai2). Just put those two together using adhesives and super glue. Hopefully it will not fall off from its glued perch. Kalau nak fall-off pun, tunggu lah ye setahun dua. Kalau nak fall-off jugak, pandai2 la Cikgu Huda pegi lekat balik kua..kua..kua..
To complete the package, bought the box and wish card at a D'Nata boutique gift box/wrappers near my office. I am not keen to use wrapper..bazir je. Orang selalunya main koyak je kertas tu...kesian kat pokok2 yg menyumbangkan sumber nya. Terqurban begitu sahaja. So I use box and paper bag. Sustainable laaa. The receiver can reuse the box and bag (hopefully!).
Haiii...lupa nak amik gambo frame tu...pueh ngerjakan malam tadi. Konon2 work of art. This would be my 3rd endeavour. My first frame has wooden sculptures from Bali and second has chopstick holder with mother of pearl from Ho Chi Minh. Both frames are on my house wall.
Hopefully Hayaa bawak elok2, jangan sampai tertinggal mana2, jatuh pecah ke, orang amik, salah bagi cikgu ke. Kua..kua..kua..

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