Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pelvic Girdle Pain (also know as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)

PGP strikes..yeap. As usual, I will experience this during pregnancy. However, this time it hits early, on the verge of 5 months. With Hayaa', it was just a discomfort pre-natal but post-natal, it was a monster pain in the pelvic (lain kali lah citer). With Huda, I did pelvic floor and core muscle strengthening. Straight away after delivery, I used crutches. PGP was bearable, I was happy that I was better off this time. This time around, has the usual sciatica, cocyx and back pain. But the pain in right inner thigh at hip joint is the main culprit - usually got this post natal. I'm still doing the exercises, yet still got this. Got one website said that if one has experienced it before, it will come ealy in the next pregnancy. I can vouch for this!
So, I'm mentally preparing myself for the debilitating pain and the disability it will cause me post-natal. I need to find the crutches back. I still remember the brand -Lifesaver - how fitting ! I really love that crutches.
I am actually looking forward to join the Milo Breakfast Run this Sunday although I plan to walk all the way with hubby. With the onset of this PGP, I am closely monitoring my discomfort (turned pain in evening and night) and trying to make a judgement whether my body can handle the long distance's 7KM distance..hehe (weak and lame laugh)..
My only saving grace is that most website advised walking as the best exercise to combat PGP. I notice that the pain will lessen if I walk while sucking in my stomach ie contracting my abdoment and tilt my upper body forward a bit. I think I can do this and need to remember taking small steps, so that not to aggrave the PGP.

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