Sunday, May 12, 2013

Demam pilihanraya PRU13..dah kebah ke belum ni?

Finally TS Khalid will be sworn in as MB Selangor..hep, hep! Kita doalah for a better Selangor. I am also very happy coz the people I voted for Parlimen and ADUN got their post. To AK, you sore kes burung terbang pipiskan lada (hah! carik sendiri apa maksud). Kalau dah jadi top mgmt PKR, apa hal benda2 macam tak leh nak foresee/ expect. Manage expectations lah!
Tgh beratur, Saliran 3.
I went out to cast my vote around 12noon. Sampai center around 1220pm. Panaaas. Jokingly I said to hubby whether I can be treated as OKU since preggy ehehehe. Never mind lah. Pakai jugak baju yg loose2. Still not ready to advert to the whole world of my preggyness. While queueing, (it was hot ok), ladies were fanning themselves and luckily I had  this one piece of paper to fan myself, jadi la.
One SPR officer passed by and asked the lady behind me,'Kakak pregnant ke, kalau pregnant, boleh ke depan.'. Uihhhh..riuhh kakak tu dgn kawan dia sebab dia bukannya pregnant pun, nampak je mcm pregnant. Nasib baik tak ambik hati. Tersipu2 malu, mamt SPR tu sambil mintak maaf. I was like...'aku tak nampak pregnant ke...should I declare and take on this offer?'. Last2, ku menyepikan diri, dengor je la kakak tu mengekek2 dgn kawan dia. Nyesal ke? Tak jugak, since from home I was mentally prepared for a long queue and even put on loose fitting clothing. By 125pm, all done. Yey! Syok jugak ngundi nih.
The ink which is not indelible at ALL. Balik rumah, basuh sabun, tanggal je, except those celah2 kuku.
Staying up for the result, was an experience as well. Reading all the FB posts on personal opinions (some stupid, some racist, some enlightening) and so called analysis (I questioned some of it) was also a novelty. It was just like zaman2 sekolah. Insensitive remarks, bogus facts, parroting, lame reasoning. Sumer ada. Yet, there was also heart warming posting, words of wisdom and reality check point of views.
Apa2 pun, you take ALL in, the good, the bad, and make an opinion out of it. Kalau rase tak cukup ilmu di dada, tak yah la nak berdebat2 macam nak rak. Just uphold what you personally feels is right and and make sure you just focus on things you can control/ contribute.

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