Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another Office-Mate's Wedding

Indian wedding...but we missed the ritual, walk around the fire and all...allaaaaaaaaa. We were soo looking forward. There were 5 of us and this was the first Indian wedding that we attended. It was done in a Hindu temple right in Ipoh. The driver blamed it on the traffic lights in Ipoh (lame...yeaa..). Hema (the bride) did warn us to come early since they have to be very punctual with the ceremony. For them, the auspicious time is between 9 - 1030am,
We got to the temple at 1045am, had to remove our shoes at the temple gate, which we done hastily and awkwardly. Walk bare-footed to the temple building and saw the bride and groom was already on the pelamin, di tepung tawar oleh sanak saudara and rakan2..alllaaaaaa....
So kitaorg mempacakkan diri di tepi pelamin, watching the tepung tawar (renjis air mawar, tabur beras kuning etc2). One of us remarked, 'Eh, lebih kurang je macam org Melayu nye wedding.' To which I reminded..'Kita yg tiru adat diaorg'.
To Hema & Jeevan, may you have a happy and everlasting marriage
After ber'wefie' and renjis2 Hema & hubby, makan time ehehehe. We were told not to worry since the food will be all vegetarian. This is to accommodate fellow Hindus who are vegetarians, but most importantly to respect the temple and its samis.
Sayur dhall, kentang masak merah? peria goreng, kari bendi, mangga masak apa tah and tauhu kicap. I don't know what the bubur's name is. Got dhall, raisins, macam cendol (tapi kuning), sagu. It was sweet and rich with herbs.
Hmmm...takde rezeki tgk ceremony. But it was sure an enjoyable daytrip/ road trip. Oh well...kena tunggu office mate Indian yang lain kahwin. 

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