Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Gunung Ku Daki, Sungai Ku Redah

Dear God, thank you for making this trip a reality! Despite the worrying discomfort in my plantar fascia, throbbing sensation in my big toe joint and stiff Achilles tendon every morning. I was so worried about my kaki yang tak berapa best nih...macam2 teknologi diguna-pakai - Kinesio taping to manage the plantar & toe joint pain/discomfort, compression pants and compression socks to manage legs/hips fatigue, Achilles tendon pain and general foot pain.
Pills for AMS (thank you Zack!) and panadol for general headache. Gatorade for hydration, dates/ whittaker (nyum!) chocolate/ snickers/kitkat for fuelling.
Pole...oh pole....you were my third leg, without you, I would not reach the mountain top and kaki gunung.
There were 32 people in our group (Danz Travel agency). Originally there were 10 people opting for Timpohon trail and 22 opting for Mesilau. Last minute rearrangement, the number dropped to 6 pax. The rest switched to Mesilau trail. I was adamant to stick with Timpohon, less KM please!
I was really selllowww, was seriously worried that I would tear my plantar fascia. Tapi gatal nak proceed with the climb arr..ar..arr. Terima kasih lah hubby for being patient and committedly followed my slow lead. How slow? It was 8 hours from Timpohon to Laban Rata rest house during the ascent (830am from Timpohon, arrived at 420pm).
About 420pm. Hubby was happy. Last year he arrived at Laban Rata around 8pm via Mesilau.
Next day, it was 6 hours ascent from Gunting Lagadan hut to Low's Peak. If mood was jovial at Timpohon yesterday, it was a bit sombre that morning. Sombre sebab risau or mamai tak cukup tido? Made our move around 220am and summited at 820am. By that time, there were only me, hubby and 2 guides. The summit was practically ours. The guides, became our personal guides. Only 5 of us (out of 32) did not summit although all managed to reach Sayat2, the last shelter before the peak.
Muka happy, journey baru jee half done :D. Got another half on the way down.
Descent was even slower. From the summit, we reached Laban Rata around 2pm. Had a quick 15 mins lunch (thanks to the earlier fellow hikers, they put aside our lunch). Pak Azuan (our guide) hastened us to make our move coz it was already very late. Even pesan to bring along head lamp and poncho coz we'll be arriving at night & it might rain. I was sooo tired and got some dizzy spells already. I was spooning meehoon into my mouth (head hanging low) when Pak Wan asked about our weight...aiyoh...he was already thinking about carrying us ooo...
6KM descent from Laban Rata to Timpohon was the toughest part I tell you. Sleepy, tired, muscle fatigue, joint pain. Last 2KM, my balance was already a bit off. Shaky knees were not helping at all. After 21 hours, we reached Timpohon almost midnight (220am - 1120pm)...eheheheh...
Oh yes, I did it. I did it my waaaaayyy (slowly but surely).
We checked into Marina Court 3-room apartment in KK around 2am, had to ring sleeping fellow hikers to open the apartment door for us. Byk kali call hahahaha... Kesian,,,masing2 dah pengsan, tido nyenak tak hengat dunia. Nasib baik member akhirnya terjaga. Kalau tidak, tido kat koridor lerrr.
Sabah State Railway - Sini je boleh buang tabiat macam ni
430am we were already up for next adventure. Whitewater rafting at Sungai Padas. Tak cukup tido tapi excited. Body ache OMG....hate stairs...hate stairs. But we helped each other laughingly going up/down any stairs, getting in/out of van.
If climbing Kinabalu was filled with sense of accomplishment, rafting was thrilling and exciting. Climbing Mount Kinabalu was in my bucket list. Checked, done, what's next in the list, nope, not doing it again. But white water rafting, is something I can do again in future. Syiokkk ooo.
Hah...what a great journey. Cool places, cool companions.


lina said...

Tabik spring! :)

adi4aki said...

Tu laaa...rasa mcm tak percaya pulak dapat naik/turun Kinabalu dgn selamat :D