Thursday, December 11, 2014

First Experience Watching a Football Match Live

Love it! Hahahaha!
Hubby is a football fan and I am not. However, I do include 'watching a live football match in a stadium' in my bucket list. So when Malaysia went into semi-final for the AFF Suzuki Cup 2014, I decided, hey, I can put a check mark beside this particular bucket list.
Hubby got tix for both of us and off we went to Stadium Shah Alam on 7th Dec, naik moto haaaa. Siap beli helmet for me ptg tu, coz hubby only has his helmet.
Nasib baik dalam byk2 running tees, ada yg kaler kuning
I was there mainly to experience the atmosphere of a live football game. What an experience! And drama! Malaysia scored only once that night but the goodness. I dunno how high is the was deafening allright. 120dB? 150dB? When Safiq Rahim scored (nice kick!), everybody cheered, roared and I planted my hands on my ears, laughing.
Cards formation (harimau mata merah) by the Ultras when Malaysian players walked into the stadium
Special appreciation to Ultras Malaya. These bunch of energetic people..they chanted non-stop, they even moved, swayed, jumped in sync (except when Vietnam scored hahaha! terpaku gitu).
With Malaysia going into the final (YEYYY!), I am sooo going to the watch the Harimau Malaya plays against Thai, LIVE this 20th Dec.
Now...I just need to buy the ticket. ehehehe. And check if I have any running tees in blue/red.

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