Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Riding in Citroen DS5

I don't do cars so it's hard for me to get excited over cars and I usually do not know what's hot in the car markets. Coincidentally today, a bunch of us had to attend a company event elsewhere and a lady colleague offered a ride. Three of my male colleague jumped immediately at the offer (to my surprise...apa halllll la diaorg2 ni). Rupa2nya, nak rasa naik kereta Citroen DS5 which the lady colleague is driving. Lerrrrr....guys... (roll-eye). Makcik pun baru tahu what car she is driving.
Anyways, rasa macam Star Trek gitu in the car. The things that got me excited, were the tele-prompter-like thingy in front of the driver and separate moon roofs (term baru belajo ni..kakaka) for driver, passenger and back seat.
Flipped open the moon roof, enjoying the bright day light. The tele-prompter thingy? Sampai sudah tak nampak apa yang tertulis walaupun dah mengintai2, menjenguk2. For driver's eyes only I guess ;)

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