Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Raya Potluck & Fireworks at Greenlane

I've lost count, but I think this is the 3rd pot luck done in Greenlane. I remembered bringing satay kajang once and fried nugget & drummet in another potluck. Unless I missed some potluck erkk..
On this table - Meehoon in periuk, sandwich, nasi lemak bungkus, rambutan, manggis, buah cucuk2 (mcm satay)
Before potluck was adopted as our main event, we did a proper food catering for our neighbourhood gathering. Sama je meriahnya, except doing the potluck has more merits :
- Everybody can chip in.
- Much more food varieties I tell you! Main dish, side dish, starter, kuih/cookies, deserts, drinks, fruits
- Everybody has the opportunity to flaunt their culinary skills
The last but quite important merit also, no leftover foods. Because everybody will take back their food containers and whatever left of it. Or they can fill their empty container with whichever leftover food that they fancy. Tak payah susah2 pikir nak bungkus extra food, nak bahagi etc2
The committee usually handles the canopy, tables, chairs plus paper plates/ cups/ forks & spoons. Oh yes, make-shift bins. And AV system.
Fireworks display, courtesy of neighbour Zamri. Err...honestly... too noisy for my comfort. But the kids loved it. There's a playground nearby where the kids can play and run around, while the parents were socializing, so the fireworks were a bit too close to the kids. Tapi budak2 tu...tak heran pun...haishhh.
Naturally, each time there's loud noise, I would look out for Hayaa'. Before she was 6yrs, she would freak-out. Lately, she would plug her ears and cry to go home. This time however, she ran into the tent, plugged her ears and watched the fireworks till the end. I guess she's learning to manage her fear of loud noise.
Huda? She ran around the playground like there was no tomorrow. She walked back to the tent barefooted and when I asked about her shoes, she just put on her surprised face, 'It disappear.' Right...So I had to walk all over the padded playground surface and thankfully found it near the slide.
Umar just sat peacefully in the stroller, except he gave a few startled expressions during the fireworks. Put my hand on his chest, it was beating like mad but no crying. Good boy!
What did I bring this time around? Beryl's Almond Dark Chocolate je....eheh..eheh..punya lah kalut sampai tak sempat nak beli, apatah lagi nak prepare. So sauk je la balang coklat yang ada kat rumah tu (courtesy of my mom..tq mom!).

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