Friday, August 1, 2014

Office so quiet...and peaceful :)

Yep...already masuk kerja. Since Thursday (yesterday) in fact. I had to cut short raya holidays since my annual leave is depleting. My bibik is on raya & yearly leave, she's away for 1 month. So most of my leaves are already allocated to take care of the kids at home.
Anyways, back in the office. Hah...aman tenteram. Work at my own pace....or do other stuff (hehehehe..). The office is so quiet, the only noise is coming from the air-conditioning. Sounds of clicking keyboards are also amplified somehow.
Empty...except Indian office mate, Shini
After the horrible and long hours of balik kampung to Penang (9hours to, 5hours from), the blissfully short and traffic-free journey to/from the office this week has been a godsend.
Still have a couple of hours before I go home today. I shall enjoy the short drive back home, one last time. Next week things will be back to normal...*sigh*

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lina said...

No more sunyi or jam-free KL road next week. Sedih...

Ofis wise, since I keje dalam ofis yg majority celebrate CNY, takde la sunyi sangat. ;)