Sunday, April 20, 2014

Like Father, Like Son - the sequel

I could not remember what I was doing at that time last weekend. Suddenly hubby called me, excited about something.
'Cuba tengok Umar. Psycho la pulak.' Hubby was giddy and all smiling.
No wonder....Umar was trying to assume hubby's favourite lounging pose, a pose that has been exhibited by his sisters too, Huda and Hayaa'. I managed to catch Huda (previous post) doing it on camera. Hayaa', masih tak berpeluang to snap a photo while she was doing it (will be a prequel if posted ngehehehe).
'Are you sure it's a genetic thing?' I asked hubby.
'Yelah kut? All the three kids dok buat.'
'Or is it a general traits in small kids, that you seems not to outgrow?'
'Ye ke...?' Hubby sounds annoyed...hehehee...ok makcik..stop teasing.

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lina said...


So cute.

Even the banter mengenakan the hubby, ;)