Thursday, April 10, 2014

Choc Craze in the office

Happy mode ngehehehe...I've been consuming chocolate one papan after another papan for the past 1 week. Tak hengat dunia punya. I suspect it is because of stress. There's this one new assignment, must complete it within 2 weeks. Stress...stress.
Hubby being out-station, more frequent than normal, is also not helping. Selalu nya hubby is the supir, so sendiri jadi supir and kena meranduk traffic jam pergi/balik kerja...bleghhh...oh yes, also I have to tuck-in the girls every night (ni hubby nye keje) and teman sampai depa tido. Disturb my sleeping pattern a bit.
So, not surprising, I turn to my feel good food. Sayaaaaaaangg ko chocolate oii...And people are stopping by my cubicle to pau the chocolate. Not that I mind, spread the love heh? The love for chocolate. Yang best nya, yang lain2 pun start to have chocolate bars on their desk. Time for me to pau their chocolate...nyumm!!
Not in the picture..Cadbury bar..baru habis

1 comment:

lina said...

Homaiiii sangat jeles tengok stash itu.

Tapi tak jeles dengar pasal stress.

Hang in there!