Tuesday, February 3, 2015

OMG....! Extended Maternity Leave

Found out today that the company that I work for, has revised some of the leave policies.
One of them is the maternity leave policy. Extended maternity leave...warghh!! Bestnya...bestnya!
Wuih..rasa macam nak menari2 je baca that intranet announcement.

I am sooo glad with the additional 30 days maternity leave, on half pay pun kira ok what. Previously, I've always topped up my 60 days maternity leave with annual leave, just to get roughly 3 months maternity. Time2 tu, berangan je laaa nak dapat longer maternity leave. But it's happening...yeyyy. At least those mommies can have more quality time with their newborn. Penting tu. Bak kata one of the juniors, 'Let's get pregnant!' Hahahaha.
Takde la pun nak get pregnant kan. Umur pun dah masuk 4series. But it's a good indicator that company is adapting and getting more flexible. Cue : Work from home option ke, Part-time employment ke, Compressed hours and less days per week ke. Doa je laaa.
The other two revision (fexible leave & compassionate leave) pun very useful. Although I think the compassionate leave tu...errr...2 hari je? Tapi tak pe lah, kecil tapak tangan, nyiru kami tadahkan. Kena bersyukur.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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