Monday, January 20, 2014

MPIB2014 - Done! Next, Melawati 10K Run and MWM.

Lama nye tak ber blog. Gara2 masuk opis after 3 mths maternity leave. So many things to catch up.
Few weeks prior to MPIB2014, I only brisk walked. Itu pun pancit mak aiii. Side stitch lah, sengal sana sini, hmmphh toksah cakap la. Then I slowly started to walk/jog/walk. I am generally a slow runner. Post pregnancy, laaaagi la selloww. Takpa mak, jangan gelojoh mak.
Basically I have to build up my stamina, condition my body, right from the start. When 5th Jan arrived, I was still nervous. Risau pun ye, syok pun ye. Dah lama tak join running event weiii...kemaruk weili..My longest distance of walk/jog was 5KM. My concern lies mostly on the niggles around my right inner thigh joint. It normally throbs during and after my walk/jog but thankfully it will be gone the following day. Plank, bridge, clamshell, jane fonda. Sumer lah dok buat to strengthen the pelvic, hip and core.
I dunno why, but I really love the moment to pasang bib
Mostly I slow jogged to ensure whatever niggles I have, stay as niggles. Also walked at the slopes, nothing ambitious. Selalunya I left hubby behind, this time he left me behind. Ok laaa lari terkedek2, dapat jugak ku redah garisan penamat. Katanya 8KM, tapi my Runkeeper registered 7.2KM (apakah...). Average pace 10:04min/km kuikuikui. Yep...selaju siput.
Major difference this time? I brought along my pump and cooler bag. Along the way to Padang Merbok, sempat mengepam. Dapat la dalam 3oz. Kena la buat pengosongan, kalau idak ada pulak terlebih bounce. And I had to wear double bra. Sports bra dah ketaaaat huhuhu.
The queue to collect medal and food was looong, an area for improvement for year 2015. By the time we got our medals, bergambar satu round, we rushed home. The post race euphoria was there and terasa nak hang around to absorb the post race ambience that I've missed so much. However, since I'm breastfeeding, my tank is filling up and chest started to feel tight ngehehehe..cepat2 lah kami balik. Also, selalunya kami berjimba2 kat kedai mamak mana2 sambil reminiscing funny moments during the race. Huhuhuh..another activity that we had to forego. Wellll, have to pandai2 manage lah kan :)
Next run - Melawati 10K. Weeee..! I am sooo looking forward for this one. Sebabnya, I grew up in Taman Melawati. Tempat jatuh lagi di kenang. The map shows that the run will pass my primary school and also the lane where I used to live. Nostalgiaaaa. Furthermore, Melawati Run was the first run that I had to DNS due to pregnancy. Kira sessi balas dendam lah ni....muahahahah (evil laugh).
For March, I've registered for 10K event in MWM2014 and got to know that 10K runners will get the pendant., like, like! While Melawati run will be a santai 10K run sebab nak bernostalgia and berselfie2, I do aim to have some target pace for MWM2014 walaupun tak tahu lagi at what pace I'll be running. Tgk lah mcm mana the outcome of Melawati run. Limited medals for MWM 10K event...hmm..tak salah berangan kann :P

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Didn't do MPIB, kalau tak leh jumpa. :)

All the best for Melawati Run and maybe we'll meet each other at MWM? Kat expo or on race day.

Have run training & running!