Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas and Snow

Christmas brought back the memory of our trip to Chamonix, France end of last year. I was out-stationed in Lyon for 1 month plus and took the opportunity during weekend to jalan2. That was the first time I experienced snow. Well, Lyon ada la snow but it was nothing much ie the flakes were too tiny and turned to water when it landed on any surface. But Chamonix? And it was a lotttt of snow.
Macam tak real je snow kat roof tu...but it was real.

Husband and I was giddy, on the way, all the way, macam budak2. Frankly, we did not expect snow. We were planning to take the cable car to any of the peaks to catch a view of snow capped Mont Blanc. Rezeki murah, the night before our daytrip, it snowed heavily in Chamonix weeeheehehe.
Being ill-prepared, I did not bring any gloves. Had to buy them in one of the shops. The glove in the photo above, I noticed lateeeerrr that it was pig skin. Pakai je dulu, buang later, samak dengan sabun taharah. Shoes? I worn my Brooks Pure Connect yg berlubang2 tu. Woooo...pedih jari2 kaki. Sejukkk.
Hayaa dok sibuk nak ke negara yang ada winter and snow. We explained to her that we need to save a lot of money first for accommodation, flight tickets etc. We never showed her the Chamonix photo hahahaha..nanti lagi kecoh dia dok menanye.
Enjoying the view at Lognan ski area


lina said...

Homai... I can imagine the sejukness & sakitness bila ice masuk kasut. Wuuwuuu

p.s. Best nya dpt gi main snow :-)

adi4aki said...

Main snow...hohoho idak le berani. Takut sejuuk. See no touch only