Sunday, March 24, 2013

Totally not into this...

F1 Sepang Circuit 2013. Hmmm..hubby got 2 tix. Both of us were not really eager for this. We've been to Japan GP many years ago, of course lah not the same with F1. But during the Japan GP, we were really turned off by the loud noise. Hence our lack of eagerness with F1. Mesti lagi bising kutt!
Cool ke?, ke?
So yesterday, armed with ear plugs (we did not bring them during the Japan GP), we braved the traffic jam into Sepang, circumnavigated the circuit to find a parking spot (got one aroung P6, parking fee RM30 per entry...err..not really an entry coz it was just by roadside). Then walked all the way to the Grandstand Topaz (that took us about 1.5km one way - courtesy of Runkeeper).

No more photo after this - hands latched to ears, too noisy!
It was already noisy before we passed the gatekeepers (Gate 1-5). It was unbearably noisy around the grandstand area. It was hurtfully noisy when we got to our seats. It was ear piercing painfully noisy every time the car passed in front of our stand. Gawwd!! And this was with ear plugs and I had to press hard the ear plugs.
When we took our seat, the race was into 16th laps. By 18th laps, we left. Ain't that horror? really...cannot tahan one. We truly could not appreciate it..sad huh? Maybe next time we had to wear ear plugs + ear muff, just like what we would wear during heli transfer to platforms. Oh yeah, we made a short stop to the loo before leaving the grandstand area. Heaven in the toilet! The noise was significanlt dampened (ear plugs still on).
Conclusion, watching F1 live is really not our stuff. Just watch it on TV. Perhaps in future, we might go and see it again with following conditions : ear plugs + ear muff + watch from suite (hehehe). I think, wacthing from the hillstand or even from the hill is already helpfull to reduce the noise. That's it..we really cannot stand the noise lah. Sorry ah.

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