Sunday, March 17, 2013

Natural disasters end of year

Yesterday, I read the terjemahan of Surah Maryam and I came across ayat 88-92.
What is so special about these verses ? When I flew back to KL from Lyon last year (it was around mid of Dec), I sat beside a medical doctor who loves to do voluntary works. Based on his many voluntary work experiences, he observed that natural disasters usually occurred around end of year. He said there is a Surah relevant to this.
That was the Surah and ayat2 which I read yesterday. The gist of the verses - about the langit nyaris pecah, bumi nyaris terbelah, gunung2 nyaris runtuh disebabkan kenyataan2 yg mengatakan Allah itu mempunyai anak. Christmast (celebrating son of god) at the end of year, fahimtum?
Maybe I should make a list of natural disasters, but too lazy, warrgghh.

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