Monday, December 19, 2016

Kegemilangan Emas di Paralimpik Rio 2016 - First Day Cover

Something must have messed up my mind, I was so confident that the FDC will be released on the morrow. Until I saw the extra-ordinary and happening crowd in front of the Stamps and Philately section (Pejabat Pos Besar KL), as I was heading to my office building.
Starting to doubt myself then, 'Eh? hari ni ke, esok?'. Another event was also launched recently ie Stamp Fair and National Stamp Exhibition. Maybe that event kot? Soo..just to be sure, I went for a look-see-look-see. And I saw...

Yikesss!!! I firstly saw Muhammad Ziyad Zolkefli (shot put), him being the most sado. Then I registered the rest of the gold paralympic athletes: Abdul Latif Romly (long jump) and Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Puzi (100m). Hahahaha! OMG!
I quickly bought the FDC, thankfully the line was non-existent. I guessed everybody was still hovering around the celebrities athletes. While sticking the stamp onto the FDC envelope, they started to walk out from the press conference area. At this point of time, I noticed KJ. I totally did not register him when I took the photo (slap forehead..). Tu laaa..lain kali, pakai tshirt Harimau Malaya.
After press conference group photo, the crowd went to the breakfast buffet area. And I decided to take the opportunity to get my FDC signed by all the athletes, even if I had to loiter around the area the whole morning. So I ran into my office building, dumped my laptop and bag, let my colleagues know where I'll be loitering. Then ran back to Pos Malaysia. Hohohohoh.
Nice eh? Isn't that cool!! (scream!!). Got four signatures, I wished I could get 5, including KJ hahahah, but he had to leave early. The left signature with the red block was the FDC designer himself En Shahrul Izhar (World Comm).
I pointedly asked the athletes to write down their names. While queuing, I saw they just signed the FDC. How to know which signature belongs to whom, right? Ridzuan was exceptional, since he has cerebral palsy and has difficulty signing. The person in charge told me just to have Ridzuan's signature. But when Ridzuan signed my FDC, he really put the effort and struggled to write his name. I guessed he heard my request while taking Latif's & Ziyad's signature. Sebak sat... 
You guys are exemplary..terbaek lah..really make my heart swells with pride, eyes watery some more. Everything is possible kan! Usaha dan kesungguhan je, insya Allah tercapai. Semoga hidup korang diberkati...aamin.
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