Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tazkirah Zuhur di bulan Ramadhan

Nah, this is not a blog to share what tazkirah Zuhur I've gotten during the holy month of Ramdhan. This is about the ambience and experience of attending tazkirah recently in my workplace. Hohoho..
The surau committee in my workplace is very diligent in planning tazkirah. Tazkirah will be about 1 hour during lunch time. The committee will post a 1-month schedule on the bulletin board and they do this every month. Kudos to them. Terima kasih banyak-banyak. Moga diberkati..amiiin.
Once you attend these tazkirah frequently, you would develop a certain knowledge of the ustaz-ustaz typical tazkirah content and their style of delivering them. Naturally, the well-attended tazkirah would be those delivered  by the famous, well-known and entertaining ustaz.
I rarely attend the whole full session and rarely I pay attention to the tazkirah schedule. Ikut nasiblah, ustaz mana, dengar je lah. I usually turn up midway of the tazkirah. Even then, you can immediately judge the tazkirah's level of interest by the numbers of people in the surau and how many of them flock to the front of the surau. Large number of people, means well-known and favourite ustaz. Significant flocking to the front of surau, means celebrity and famous ustaz, heheheh.
Last Monday, we had one celebrity ustaz. Ustaz Azmil Mustapha. Pergh...Tipah tak tipu. Otai2 je kenal dia ni. He was really famous when I was in primary school. Made reallly famous by movie Ali Setan. For the first time ever, I decided to attend a tazkirah from start (Ya Allah, harap2 tak kurus pahala hadir majlis tazkirah ni..).
I had one expectation. I expected to hear how he made the turnaround. From a famous actor to an ustaz. 5 minutes into the tazkirah, my expectation went out of the window. I had no idea what's Azmil Mustapha like, as an ustaz. So his style? Keras and kasar, my opinion. Raised voice, arms flailing, looking straight into people's eyes...*peluh* I felt like we were being scolded...hahaha. He talked about how Islam in Malaysia is in sad and dire condition and you can really feel his sadness and frustration. The next day? We had another tazkirah. All smiles and laughter bacause the ustaz was very funny and full of humor. I felt cleansed and soothed afterward. Totally different from Ust Azmil's session.
The thing is..I totally do not like Ust Azmil's style and I love attending lighthearted and funny tazkirah. But honestly, most of the time I will have a difficult time recalling the gist of lighthearted funny tazkirah. Yes, there were messages delivered during that funny tazkirah, but apparently the messages did not hit hard enough. Not enough staying power, not sustainable. Whereas, I was really affected by what Ust Azmil said, terngiang2 suara dia citing the ayat-ayat Quran yang menusuk qalbu tu. Sentappp...takuttt..depressed..
Will I go to his tazkirah again? Hahahaha...sentap tak habis lagi ni. Maybe, once the sentap has somewhat being managed and addressed. Not ready for another sentap.

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