Monday, February 15, 2016

Health Resolution for 2016

Recently, I was bombarded with many illnesses, one after another.
It started with a frequent stomach ache and watery st**l. Then I got a serious bout of diarrhea for a week, complete with stomach cramping and bloating. It got more eventful after the diarrhea passed. I got a yeast infection down under. I was generally tired most of the time, even with sufficient rest and sleep. I noticed I 'zoned' out, while eating, while driving, anytime. Brain fog? Dizziness started to occur, sometimes headache. I noticed an ear ache as well (left ear). The worst and worrying one was the sense of unbalance, like I was in a rocking boat. I would be nauseous when this hit me. Crossing roads and driving made me anxious cause it involves lots of head movement (which made me dizzy..). Vertigo?
Went to the doctor, BP was normal, blood test normal. Urine yes, slightly contaminated. Doctor noticed a 'fullness' or maybe swelling in my right abdomen. I did feel the pain when she was pressing it, otherwise I only felt a twinge or minor discomfort.
I was only prescribed with anti-fungal tablet for the yeast infection and antibiotics to reduce the swelling. It did cure the yeast infection. During the follow up visit, doctor noticed less swelling and she suspected it was stomach gas rather than inflammation. So I was prescribed probiotics.
All those happened within mid Dec to end Jan. I still have the dizzy spells although less frequent, no vertigo so far thank god. Bloating still. New symptom is itchiness on my neck and back shoulder, and sense of creepy/crawliness (not really itchy) on my inner elbows, back of my thighs, under my chin, sometimes in the left ear, even my eyes itch. My energy is returning, still zone out although at a lesser frequency.
I have a feeling that another visit to the doctor will not fully resolve this so I am self-diagnosing myself...candida overgrowth? I am self-medicating with probiotics, yoghurt. Take a lot of tempe. Eliminating food with gluten, reduce sugar. I do wonder if I overstressed myself with running & yoga thus wreaking havoc on my immune system? I'm tuning them down a bit for now.
Lacto5, so called locally derived probiotics. Lemon-infused drink, using extra lemon from last week arabic salad..ngehehe
That's it, my health resolution for this year, to work on having a healthy gut. I've been reading blogs on treating candida the natural way, it can be a slow and long journey. Tabaaaahh!

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Take care and get well soon!