Monday, January 28, 2013

Subak Restaurant at night

I really need to come back day time ! I liiiike it there. I went to this place during fasting month last year. Just like its advert - Dining with nature. Going there itself was a bit adventureous. We took a wrong turn and ended up in a dead end road - small road mind you with almost non-existent spot to do triple point turn. Otherwise we had to reverse all the way back to the pangkal jalan.

Lower serambi

But the restaurant itself..*sigh* I wish I had a DSLR. Could not really capture the lush tropical ambience of the place. We ate at the lower serambi, just beside the fish pond. There was another serambi on a higher ground - almost pick that one but somebody warned about mosquito.

Way up to the upper serambi

Kids hanging out at the fish pond

Upper Serambi

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