Monday, June 15, 2009

Wedding Banquet at One World

My parents were invited to a wedding banquet at One World Hotel, PJ and my father, being a traditional old man, he doesn't really know where this One World hotel is (he doesnt even know where 1Utama is !...gasp !!).

So there I was, resigned to the fact that I had to chauffer them to the hotel. Initially, I hinted to my mom that I would drop them off, and off I go to catch latest movie in 1Utama GSC. I gave the wrong reason obviously when I said the wedding invitation must be for two and I would be a persona non grata. Then mom said that the invitation is for four. Ughh..wrong reason.

Anyway, I did browse GSC website and found shows mostly start around 9pm and ends around 11pm. Hmm..I changed my mind, thinking that it will not be proper to risk my parents waiting up for me (in case they want to leave early or the wedding ended early). I also have this one high heels that I would like to put on, bought recently and I would say quite fashionable too

We arrived at the hotel quite safely ie for me, that means no detours, no wrong turns. Quite grand ballroom I tell you. Apparently my dad got a special seat. So off we go to the (almost front) ballroom, quite close to the main table.

My mom and dad were chatting with the people sat next to them and I watched the ballroom setups - very grand looking chandelier, shifting colors ceilings, fresh roses, rose petals on the tables, red carpets, camera men were everywhere and sat on pedestals, projector screens - hmm, the parents of the bride must be somebody. So I asked my dad, who is the father of the groom. It was ex-MDCEO of Takaful Malaysia, and currently managing his own business overseas. Yep, no wonder.

And suddenly, one of the ladies at our table shot her eyes to one of the screen, exclaiming, 'Agong has arrived.' And I went, gasp..whattt!!?? I quickly turned to the screen and there on a 2-D image, the His Royal Highness Tuanku Mizan. My jaw dropped open, I think. I turned to my parents, 'Agong?'. Apparently everybody knew about this except me, my parents were non-chalant.

Wow, this would be my first encounter with an Agong. The emcee started to announce for people to switch off their phones or putting them on silent mode. We were also told to stand up when HM walks in and out of the hall as a sign of respect. I was getting excited !

'Mengumumkan ketibaan...' hearing that, I couldn't help smiling as all of us stood up. The theme of the weeding is blue and most of the royal entourage was also wearing blue. Picture taken with my handphone - terrible. HM is not so tall (ehek..), sedang2 sahaja. The Queen appeared taller on her high heels. (Oh yes, I took off my heels - it's killing me..). Then.., I saw Wan Azizah ?! Was Anwar here too ? because I sure did not notice, too busy watching the royal couple. When everybody sat on the main table, then I saw Anwar. I quickly texted my hubbie about the event. Hmm, looking at the now Royal Table, with the Royal couple, raja sehari tak menyerlah lerrr.

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