Friday, November 21, 2008

PUTRA Light Rail Transit - Pasar Seni (Central Market) Station

It is quite a nuisance to work in Menara Dayabumi and yet you have to frequently go to KLCC for a meeting. But no so bad when a PUTRA LRT Pasar Seni station is close to you.
Driving ? Sorrryyy !! Not in KL, arrgghh !
It is not unusual for my colleagues to rush to KLCC every now and then. From the station, it takes about 10 minute to get to KLCC PUTRA LRT. I've clocked the time once and it took me 20 minutes of door to door journey ie from my (pigeonhole) cubicle to the Tower 1 lobby area.
How much does it cost ? It costs me only RM3.20 for a return trip. Beats paying more than RM10 of parking in KLCC. Furthermore - help mother nature - use public transport, reduce carbon footprint & help combat global warming. The brisk walking that you do (hurry! hurry! We are late for the meeting !), will definitely burn more calories.

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